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Why use logistics consultants?

Why use consultants?

Supply chains grow and evolve over time and often become complex and inefficient. Independent consultants can bring a fresh perspective.

The Logistics Consultants has proven methods for reducing the costs and improving service in your supply chain operations. Having the right software tool is only part of the mix!

The Logistics Consultants provide solutions that work through their unique approach designed to ensure that the customer has full involvement and understanding in the key steps.

Typical savings and improvements come from:

  • Reviewing your supply chain strategy;
  • Identifying and eliminating 'sacred cows' in your business;
  • Realigning service levels with customer contribution;
  • Optimising route plans for sales and distribution vehicles and personnel

Many companies have experienced savings of at least 10% of logistics costs and often up to 30% after implementing findings from the Logistics Consultants:

  • Greater efficiences, with improved vehicle utilisation ;
  • Reduced distribution costs;
  • Improved understanding of customer service needs and better able to meet SLA requirement;
  • Improved understanding of service costs with customer profitability analysis, and Cost To Serve (CTS) audit;
  • Appropriate balance of storage, inventory and transport costs.