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The Logistics Consultants Case Studies

A sample selection of recent consultancy work in summary form

Case One
For a light engineering company in Northern Ireland, the Logistics Consultants were asked to evaluate the benefits of, and identify the optimum location of, one or more depots to service the GB market. The outcome was that the company could best service their GB customers from their current NI depot, but making maximum use of the agreed order cycle time days. The result was a logistics cost saving in excess of 25%.
Case Two
For a small food company in Galway, the Logistics Consultants reviewed the logistics operations and restructured the balance between internal and third party transport. This effort resulted in improved customer service and logistics cost savings in excess of 27%.
Case Three
For a large multinational, the Logistics Consultants restructured the company’s logistics operation to address the challenges faced in servicing the independent grocery trade when 50% of the volume was being diverted to central distribution by the grocery multiples. Through the use of stockless trans-shipment points and reorganising the stock held on delivery vans, the consultants were able to ensure no increase in delivery costs as a result of the reduced volume.