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Our Approach to Logistics Consulting

While every project is treated individually, the Logistics Consultants have developed a number of well proven approaches to assignments:

  • We develop a detailed proposal, at no cost or commitment to you, specifying the mission and deliverables of the project, work-steps, cost and timing;
  • We have a range of ‘tools’ which we have developed as a result of our many years’ logistics consulting experience.

Distribution Models

Database of Operational Costs
We us route planning software to plot delivery/collection locations on a detailed digitised map and to model the current operation as well as to test alternative distribution options for a client.
We have developed a database of standard vehicle operating costs to allow us to benchmark a client’s logistics costs against industry standards.
Customer Survey Template
Request for Quote
Customer service ‘sets the spec’ for logistics operations. Our Customer Service Template allows the client to review customer service performance; to compare with competitors, and to develop a competitive customer service strategy.
We have developed an RFQ template, which can easily and quickly be used by clients who wish to obtain or review third party logistics services and costs in strict confidence.